because eating healthy doesn't always come naturally


I'm a twenty-something living the dream in Minnesota with my husband, baby girl, and 2 cattle dogs. I love food, but really hate vegetables.

When I started this blog 3 years ago, the goal was to document how I learned to hide my veggies behind different flavors and textures, and "trick" myself into eating them. Since then, I have dealt with illness in myself and my family, and have discovered the power of food in both improving and maintaining health. Instead of just modifying recipes to suit my picky eating, I have become picky about everything I put in my body. This involved drastically reducing sugar (completely eliminating corn syrup), upgrading to more organic vegetables and grass fed meats, and taking a serious look at over the counter medications that we all take without a second thought. I've adopted a more positive attitude, and seriously upped my physical activity. I am at my healthiest and happiest point, and I credit it to these habits I've changed. Nothing happened overnight, it was a series of small changes that built on each other. And even though I'm pleased with where I'm at, I never want to stop looking towards the next step; there is always something I can be doing to improve.

My hope with this blog is to help you learn to make little changes every day that add up to significant lifestyle changes, without sacrificing enjoyment.
I want you to learn why certain foods are beneficial, and why others should be avoided at all costs. I want to empower you to make the best choices. Because when it comes down to choosing between a donut and a salad, knowledge is just as important as willpower.

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