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A few of my favorite things

♪ These are a few of my favorite things ♪


I’ve been asked before where I go grocery shopping, and what I buy on a typical trip. For the most part, I shop at Costco and Amazon, and I get 90% of everything I need in one trip out of the house every other week.

Costco is the shizz. Seriously! They have so many organic foods, a great variety of fresh produce, and even some special gluten/grain free ingredients. And you can’t beat those prices.

Amazon Prime is so convenient. I remember the days when I would need one random household item, and not even know what store carries it. And once I figured that out, I would need to make a special trip to that store to buy it. This cost me time, and the inevitable extra purchases that come with those trips. But with Amazon, I can order whatever I need from the comfort of my couch, and not be tempted by extra purchases. It also makes it less stressful to compare quality and prices of bigger items. Below are a few of my staples from Amazon, including some bigger one-time purchases.

Some of these items are less expensive on Amazon, and some of them you can find a better deal elsewhere. By purchasing anything through the links I provide, I will earn a few cents from Amazon! It won’t cost you anything extra, and it would really help me with getting more recipes up on the blog. But if you can find a better deal somewhere else, go for it!

Here’s the first and more important Amazon item: An Amazon Prime subscription. Most people I know get their money’s worth and more from the subscription. There’s free shipping, discounts, and special deals.
If you’re not sure yet if you want to commit, here’s a link to sign up for a FREE 30 days trial!
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Here are some of my favorite gadgets:
*Ceramic pan



These are items I always have on hand in my pantry:

*Tapioca flour

*Coconut flour

*Avocado oil mayonnaise


*Coconut milk



Baby products:

*Baby banana teether/toothbrush

*Munch mitt (for when they want to chew on something but haven’t mastered a grasp)

*Sophie giraffe
Vulli Sophie la Girafe


Graco 4Ever Convertible Carseat